Bumper cars, infamously known as dodgem cars is one of the most fun, most preferred and an iconic amusement park ride. Born in the 1920s these odd looking cars were equipped with primitive overhead system which dealt with conductive ceiling and a floor, completing a circuit through the car itself. Nowadays these cars are propelled by a more advanced floor conductive system which doesn’t include dealing with conductive ceilings, which is comparatively safer. The car is equipped with a rubber bumper which helps you to ironically ram other cars for pleasure. The rubber itself cushions the car providing the safety. Here are some interesting facts about this fun machines.

Not to collide but to avoid

The game was originally intended to avoid collision. In some countries the participants would be terminated immediately after ramming down another. The bumper was originally fitted to cushion and provide the safety to the drive as well as the car, but most of the fun came from ramming down other cars. In the present day it’s all about ramming down other participant for that jolt of thrill.

The undying spirit of colliding fun

Since the initial release the popularity for this game has been growing exponentially. The reported increase of ticket prices didn’t even make users hesitate when it comes to purchasing the ticket. Users can even get a set of dodgem cars for events through dodgem car hire agents and companies. Throughout the years the Bumper cars have been dominating the ride industry and even today people just seem to keep coming back for more.

Not just for big kids anymore

The first bumper cars produced were not very drivable by children, mostly because it was aimed at the aged crowed. They were mostly violent when it came to handling and thrusting forwards or backwards. This unpredictability of movement was a reason for all that joyous thrill but it wasn’t safe at all, especially for kids. After years of development these fun machines were tamed so even the kids can use them, and the time and money invested on development is all worth it.

Improving throughout the years

Since the day these cars were manufactured they have been under constant development to ensure the peak satisfaction as well as the safety of users. The cars today have better maneuverability, an adequate amount of power and collision dampening exteriors. The removal of the conductive ceiling system increased the safety and ease of using as well as maintenance. Bad driving is never condemned when it comes to a field of dodgem cars.

A Few Interesting Facts About Dodgem Cars

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