A garden needs a lot of attention once it has been built up. A person who knows gardening in our house or has some knowledge can take the charge for maintaining a garden happily. In garden, the plants are living thing, they need water, sunlight and air like human being. Otherwise, they get damaged and also make the garden look messy and bad. So, in order to keep it looking green and fresh we have to give special attention to the nourishment of garden.

The Important Factors:

There are many factors that has importance in making a garden. A few common and the prominent ones are given below.


The stones have been used in making the walls for waterfalls. It has also been used on the floor to make pathways. In short, stones of different shapes, colours and designs play a vital role in the making of Northern beaches landscaping. We have to use them in order to give a unique touch to our garden.


God has bestowed us with the blessings of flowers. We have zillions kind of flowers available all around the world. They give us freshness, sense of cool and fragrance to our overall area. There are many flowers that gives fragrance in the morning time and some flowers gives fragrance in the night time. So, while setting the field and plants for flowers then we have to keep a combination of both the flowers.

Place for Barbeque:

Get together always bring excitements. When friends and family get together on different occasions, we would like to have dinner or evening food at home on different occasion. Having a barbeque night is a good option. So, it is desirable to have a small place where we can make barbeque.

Separate Area for Sitting:

There should be an area in the center or near the garden. There are different kinds of table sets available in the market that gives an ultimate look to the garden where we can sit with our family in the evening to have snacks and tea.


There should be enough lighting that if we ever throw some party on festivals then we do not have to do much efforts. Having all the light that are dim and golden gives a romantic touch to our garden.

 Pool Design:

The design of pool should also compliment the theme of the rest of the garden. The pool must have clean water so that we can swim anytime we want.

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Important Things To Consider When Making A Garden

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