From the harsh sunny climate to the cold winter rains and wind, sometimes our outdoor living areas need to be protected from these harsh elements. Market has to offer many different varieties of blinds/shades that can serve this purpose well. Blinds come in different fabric, colors and modes of operation best suited to the buyer.

How to install bistro blinds

Following steps need to be followed while installing bistro blinds.

The blinds need to be installed on a solid structure. The first step is to find the center of the crossbeam for your opening. Measure with your tape measure and mark with your pencil.

With the measuring tape and pencil, the center of the blind should be marked.

After lining up the two center points a screw should be put in.

After pre-drilling the wall anchors insert the roped edge of the blind into the wall anchor. This is the channel that the roped edge of the blind can slide into.

Zip up the blind and screw the anchor to the post.

Base anchor plates are then installed to the bottom of the posts or into the ground.

The cleat is screwed to the post on the side with the cord at a reasonable height.

Advantages of installing outdoor blinds

Following are the advantages of installing outdoor blinds:

Protection from the weather; with sunny skies and high temperatures comes extremely high UV. Hence, outdoor blinds provide a commercial shade sails in Melbourne from the unwanted sun rays any time you want.

Outdoor blinds can help maximize your outdoor space, by covering in veranda areas, to bring you more usable space.

The different styles and colors of blinds can give a stylish look to the outdoor area.

Outdoor furniture is protected from harsh elements like sun, rain and winds.

Outdoor blinds help protect your area from flies and mosquitos; allows you to eat with comfort in your outdoor space.

Privacy is an important element in one’s life; outdoor blinds helps you use your outdoor space comfortably with privacy maintained.

The compact size looks elegant when installed on top of the window frame.

Ziptrak blinds come along with spring balance mechanism and special hand lock systems which enables them to stop and lock at any position.



One often needs a change of environment; from indoors to outdoors. Small family gatherings, evening tea with friends, an outdoor café space arrangement, open backyard space, all these seem pleasing and good for change. But having these arrangements also come with a little challenge of facing harsh elements; scorching sun rays in summers, heavy winds and rainfall in winters, flies and mosquitos. To be able to enjoy the outdoor space along with protection of ourselves and our new furniture from harsh elements, we can opt to install outdoor blinds that come in different varieties and functions; some provide partial light to enter some allow remote control system of operation. Different fabric used is available to suit different environments.

Advantages Of Outdoor Blinds
Advantages Of Outdoor Blinds

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