Coastal mercantile has been operating business for a quite long time. We have been serving in the vicinity of Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is to provide justice to our clients as per the rules and regulation of the government. People hire our expertise if they do not have time to attend the court on the given time or have no know-how of government rules and orders. We provide them all the possible services that we can at good prices. Our main concern is to satisfy our customers and perform better in a court in all the circumstances.

The Services:

We provide bunch of services under the banner of Coastal Mercantile. Following are the prominent services that we excel.

  • Process Serving:

People hire process serving professionals because they do not have any information about the government authorities. They have to present in front of the court and before that they have to do all the paper work. The court is punctual and there is no leverage to get extra time so people hire the professionals to get their work done.

  • Repossessions:

If a person has bought an asset, he has to pay interest which has been set at the time of buying. It is present in the contract that he is make payments for a specific time period, if he is unable to pay for any reasons then the company has a right to get back the asset.

  • Field Calls:

A person wants to get the information about a person who has to pay his credit amount. As a professional, we can easily track that person with our sources and take out all the relevant information about a particular person.

  • Skip Tracing:

There is a hearing in the court and you want to keep the date as soon as possible but a person who has to appear vanishes then you need a professional service who can take you out from this situation.

  • Lock ups:

It is our responsibility to protect client’s assets. We have to take care of it no matter what. Our services providers got o the place and take the possession of the place, lock it, secure it and hand over the keys to a client safely.

  • Debt Collection:

It is so common these days that people take money and go away without letting other people informed. A person who owes money can’t go after him to take money as it wastes his time and money. In this case, professionals come on the board and help people.

In short, we have solution to all your issues. Whether it’s a matter of serving court documents or recovering money, we are here to serve you at comparatively good prices.

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Coastal Mercantile, A Reliable Name In Melbourne

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