In this pandemic and the world going on a break, we and the people around the world have noticed how the greenery is becoming better and plants are at last lying. The pollution has almost killed their lives but since all of this is on a break and people are mostly staying at home for safety purposes it makes more sense. Last but not the least, the need for trees and how beneficial it can be to some industries is highly understood by a lot of people. Trees help grow medicines, its wood helps in asking paperwork and the extracts that come out of the tree are used in making rubber, or in other words some people call it an eraser.

Why do people get rid of the trees?

This is a very interesting question a hence after knowing the answer lets enlighten you all. The trees are cut and gotten rid because of pharmaceutical reasons, for medicines since some leaves are great for health cure and some diseases, or on the three hands, the second reason can be that the tree is removed because people want to make that area commercial. Like in the old day’s people used to cut jungle off so they can utilize that area to commercial use for factories or residential houses too. Therefore, they cut them off.

How do we stop them or is it not good?

Of course, it’s not good, trees help produce oxygen and make the clear wind. The lesser the trees the more there will be population. To stop all this from happening people should get aware of the importance of trees and how to not right to cut them off, there can be campaigns and certain programs where people tell about the importance of them and make everyone grow a plant or bow some seeds for future investments.

How much does it cost to get rid of one tree?

It highly depends on the location and the size of the tree. If the tree lopping Chapel Hill is small it won’t cost much, it will cost around dollar 250 while if it is a huge tree, you can be costed around 1800 dollars. knowing this is a huge amount; the workers are specially hired for this purpose. People who hold great information about how to cut the trees and where to transport them. Therefore, these people are hired and they make money in this way.

One thing that can help the environment

If some people are after the trees and they want to get rid of them, what they need to do after cutting them and using the place or the tree for any purpose, they need to bow a seed or grow another plant somewhere else instead. This will help the environment stay clean in the future when needed

How Do We Stop Tree Removal

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