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If you have just passed high school and looking for a career that pays well and also keeps you satisfied then you must be searching day and night for the right career path. Many organizations have in-house career counselors that provide services to students. They advise everyone based on their educational record and personal interest. If you too are keen on adopting a career path inclined towards lawyers or solicitors then we might have some useful career advice for you.

Law as a profession is quite rewarding and fulfilling, it gives you satisfaction and internal peace knowing that you can help people and make a difference in their lives. Lawyers work day and night for reasons that are beneficial for people. They fight on behalf of their clients to make sure that they are getting the best possible outcome of an unfortunate incident. There are different specialized fields such as domestic courts, property courts, accidental injury claim courts, etc.

  • Financial stability

The first few years of being a practicing lawyer can be a bit hard at times. Lawyers, solicitors, and barristers do earn handsomely once they gain popularity and goodwill. This professional keeps on paying well with time and experience and provides financial stability as well.

A practicing lawyer can make up to seven figures annually and more if he is passionate. Lawyers are often found to be consultants and give legal advice according to their field of interest. They can charge according to the per hour rate or even charge by the case.

Some multi-national companies and large business organizations often have a legal team on their payroll at all times which also pays handsomely.

  • Education

The educational route towards being a practicing lawyer is not an easy feat. The gruesome long years of studying law can be hard for many people, and some may call it quits after just doing LLB. Solicitors in canberra are required to pass exams and predetermined studying years are also a must for being able to legally and officially practice law in court.

After completing high school it usually takes seven more years of studying to be a lawyer of minimum qualification. After that, they also have to pass bar exams to appear in a court of law rightfully.

  • Benefits

Lawyers not only earn handsomely, but they also earn a lot of respect and goodwill in society. They are respected in social circles and looked upon quite a lot. Apart from the usually earning, other benefits are awarded to a practicing lawyer. If a lawyer is hired in a firm, they automatically become liable for benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and dental insurance, paid holidays and paid annual leaves.

Apart from these benefits, some firms offer their partner lawyers and their families some extended support and favor such as transportation allowance, living expenditure allowance, etc.


Is Being A Lawyer A Good Career Choice Right Now?

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