The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in the late 1800s. After this light had become the most necessary element in one’s life. There used to be light in the past too which was by fire o lighting torches. Gas lamps and lanterns then came into fashion, and after the light bulb, the lighting equipment took a pace and moved along in the era of advancement.   

Today there are many types of lighting facilities and pieces of equipment available. As these are being used everywhere. In your everyday life in a house. in concerts and businesses and almost everything. Lighting plays a vital role in creating an ambience in a certain environment. And to radiate other objects. There are many forms of lights and lighting services available today. Some of which are:   

  • Fluorescent lamps: these are the basic yet the most common lamps one use in their offices, homes and wherever he needs light. These are run by an electric current exciting the mercury which then produces light by the fluorescence.   
  • H.I.D Lamps: these are high-intensity discharge lamps which are commonly used in car headlights as they are of very high intensity, they produce a brighter light.   
  • L.E.D lamps: they are today’s most commonly used lights as they don’t consume much electricity. So most of the people now, in order to conserve energy they are using led lights all over their houses and offices. As they produce a bright light and are more effective than fluorescent tubes and bulbs. 
  • Security Lighting: many security systems and alarm systems come with the flashlights which are mainly connected to the motion sensors or the wires when the alarm is triggered the light is directed to the person by whom the alarm was triggered by the motion detectors.   
  • Emergency Lighting: it is battery powered lighting which is used when there is no or less electrical supply in the house. It is recharged by the mains supply and when it is shut the power supply then switches to battery.   

Many lighting services are being provided by many companies and electricians. Services include security lighting, lighting designs, exterior garden lightings and more. Garden lighting creates an ambience to sit and spend your evenings and night peacefully. It also attracts the person towards the garden.   

Allen electrical services provide all sort of lighting services, from interior lighting designs in your home to the exterior garden lights and whole led light coverage in your office to security lighting of any sort. We provide installation of lighting equipment at a very reasonable rate all over Melbourne. Apart from lighting. We deal in many electrical services in Heidelberg like new premises wiring, rewiring old premises, security system installation, and more. For more details about our services visit our website. For more information, please log on to 

Lighting Services.

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