In most of the areas, the weather condition in the summers is intolerable, and one cannot do without an air conditioner. However, most of the people still bear the scorching heat instead of turning on the AC owing to power consumption and electricity bills, which are beyond one’s capacity. Air-conditioners usually consume 9percent of energy alone.  Apart from that, there are specific technical issues. For example, oversized and bulky traditional ACs use fluorocarbon refrigerant as a coolant and if these coolants leak the machine stops working with the same efficiency; in fact, it hurts the environment. Proper maintenance can help one avoid such issues; however, the care will cost one an arm and a leg.

In contrast to the massive and power-consuming Air-Conditioner is the split system air conditioner in adelaide, which is far more convenient, modern and needs less maintenance. The latest technology air conditioner comprises two major parts: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is commonly installed outside on the wall or the one next to the wall of the room being cooled. The new air conditioner comprises capillary tubes which contain the cooling coil and also a blower. It also has a compressor as well as condenser coils. The fundamental difference between the traditional conditioning system and the new one is that the new one does not require ductwork, so no significant installation has to be done. For this reason, the new system serves as the best alternative to central AC.

Some pros and cons of the Split System Air-conditioner are as follows


  •     Centralized Air-Conditioning unit losses an enormous amount of energy owing to heat exchange in the duct system. The split system does not use the ductwork; therefore, there is a lesser chance of loss of power or heat. Because of this reason,

These air conditions prove ideal for such rooms, which are hot and have no proper ventilation system.

  •     As the Split Ac does not require ductwork, its installation is immensely comfortable. What kept being in mind is that the outdoor unit should be 100 feet away from the indoor unit which seems like much work, but what needs to be done is to poke a hole in walls to adjust the copper tubes.
  •     The advanced system has a climate control property instilled in it. It implies that the AC, which is used to cool down the rooms in the summers, and heat like a heater in the winters.
  •     In the traditional air conditioners create much noise, especially the condenser and the fan spreads the noise pollution. Unlike in the conventional AC, the split system has its fan and condenser located outside. Thus, the room is safe and peaceful.


  •     The help of professionals can only install the system and attempts at self-installation can prove dangerous. So, they bound one to wait for and pay extra to the licensed professional person for the installation of the system
  •     The interior and the exterior unit have to locate within 30meters of each other’s making it unsuitable for those who live in tall buildings.
  •     Although there is no indoor noise, the outdoor noise can prove to be a reason for nuisance for others living together in dense populations.


After going through the advantages as well as disadvantages of the Split System Air-Conditioner.One can still say that the pros easily outweigh the cons and are suitable in every condition. Visit here for pros and cons

Pros And Cons Of Split System Air-Conditioning

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