Constructing a home is a complicated task in which lot of hard work and money is invested. It involves whole lot of men power as well as machine usage. The process of construction begins from sketching a model and it finishes when that sketch is given an actual form. Different groups of people are involved in constructing homes varying from an architect to a builder. An architect is the one who draws the structure on paper while builder is the one who constructs the structure. Builders can belong to different categories depending upon the type of job they do. In this article, we will be putting a highlight on who are the builders and what are the three basic types of builders.


Builders are the people who construct or build a home, apartment or any other related structure. This construction is either done by the builder’s own preferences or under the instructions of a specific client. The process of building or construction begins from drawing a sketch on a paper, then digging a ground then forming an infrastructure and lastly giving it the final touches. Whatever the procedure might be but one thing that remains constant is that builders are basic force behind constructing a house. There are three basic categories of builders which are then further subdivided into various types. These three types are production home builders, custom home builders and high end builders.

Production home builders:

Production home builders Parramatta are the builders who construct houses, condos, townhouses, rental properties and other related structures. These builders build large number of houses in a sector owned by a firm or a company. They use a certain plan and sometimes have a particular model according to which they build the structure of all homes of one sector.

Custom home builders:

As the name implies, custom home builders are the builders who constructs the homes according to the instructions given by a specific client. An architect or a professional home designer creates a plan or a design for his client which is used by a custom home builder. While constructing custom homes, the custom home builders keep in mind the demands of client. Click here for more info on custom home builders Parramatta.

High end builders:

High end builders are the builders that deal with the expensive offices. They demand a huge sum of money for their work but this all is worth it because they are very experienced and professional group of people who knows what they are dealing with.


Building a home, office, apartment or any other such structure is a difficult task which requires lot of hard work and a huge sum of money. Different groups of people are involved in constructing a home, out of which the most important being the builders. Builders or home builders are the ones who construct houses. There are three basic types of builders which are known as production home builders, custom home builders and high end builders. “Circon.NSW” provides us with the team of best builders.

The Three Basic Types Of Builders

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