Tiles can be the source of beauty at times because tiles can enhance the beauty of the place. There are many types of tiles and each tile has its beauty, some of the tiles are expensive but super classy and some of the tiles are easily affordable. The life of the tiles is long and easy to maintain. Tiles are the best choice to cover the walls and the best for the bathrooms.

Following are the types of tiles available in the market to make you place beautiful and elegant.


Ceramic tiles are the one which used most o the people. Ceramic tiles are the popular one usually people prefer ceramic tiles because it is easy to clean. The durability of the ceramic tiles is beyond amazing, they are not easily breakable. Ceramic tiles prevent cracking and make your floor strong. Ceramic tiles are affordable so that a common person can buy it and make their place attractive and beautiful.


Mosaic tiles are like forever, first mosaic tiles used by ancient Greek and roman centuries ago and mosaic are still in trend. The beauty of the mosaic is unacceptable even today people admire the beauty of mosaic tiles and make their floors with mosaic tiles. The feel of the tile is royal and elegant. Mosaic tiles add detail in your space whether it is your room, kitchen, bathroom or what so ever. Mosaic tiles are expensive and installation of the tile is also expensive but National tilers provide their services in reasonable rates.

Natural stone tiles:

Natural stone tiles are always in trend people prefer on their bathroom floor. The beauty of the natural stone tiles is undeniable. Natural stone tiles are extremely expensive than any other tiles.

There are many more types of tiles which include marble, terracotta, terrazzo and many more. And you can find all the tiles in national tilers, they have a huge variety of tiles. The best things about the company they can provide you service as well in case of your tile get damage.

Floor tilers in Melbourneis one the Australia based company. The company provides all the solution related to water leakage, poor tiles and water detection. Water detection is one the major problem not everyone can understand this easily. Water leak detection can help us to save our water. There are many devices available in the market for water detection which will be helpful and if you live in Melbourne then you don’t need to worry about it because the national tilers are there to help you because the company is opened to help the people.

Types Of Tiles And Why Choose National Tilers

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